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Most major mining and metallurgical processes are more than 100 years old, developed at a time of limited awareness of their environmental impact and the issue of resources limitations.  These two issues are covered nowadays by the term «sustainability», which also encompasses a cost metric when applied to primary materials.  Unfortunately, all the easy problems limiting the operational as well as environmental costs of metals extraction and manufacturing have been solved, and innovative approaches are needed to cope with both globalization and earth intrinsic limitations.


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January 2016
Allanore Group results published in the Journal of the Electrochemical Society show a novel approach to the electrochemical production of liquid copper from copper sulfide.  Link to here.
February 2016
Chmielowiec and Allanore present in Journal of the Electrochemical Society a novel tool to evaluate in-situ electrolytic current spatial and temporal evolution.  Link to here.
October 2016
Samuel Wagstaff and Antoine Allanore publish two new papers on a novel approach to mitigate macrosegration in aluminum ingots casting in Link to here  and here.
September 2016
A novel connection between entropy and electrical properties for molten materials has been proposed by Rinzler and Allanore.  See Philosophical Magazine.
May 11-12, 2017
MIT Metals & Minerals for the Environment Symposium envisions a more sustainable future for the metals and minerals industry.  May 11 and 12, 2017, MIT, Cambridge, MA
June 2017 
Y. Zhao, C.C. Rinzler and A. Allanore publish paper on molten semiconductors for high-temperature thermoelectricity in ECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology.  Link to here.
June 2017
S. Sahu, B. Chmielowiec and A. Allanore publish paper on electrolytic extraction of copper, molybdenum and rhenium from molten sulfide electrolyte in Electrochimica Acta.  Link to here.
June 15, 2017 
2nd International Workshop on Alternative Potash, London, U.K., a symposium to discuss the latest developments on alternative potassium fertilizers.
October 25, 2017 
B.R. Nakanishi and A. Allanore publish paper on an electrochemical study of a pendant molten alumina droplet and its application for thermodynamic property measurements of Al-Ir in J. of Electrochem Soc.  Link to here.